WordPress and business website development

To this day many blogging platforms have come and gone but WordPress sustained its presence. Since its inception in 2003, it has gone from a simple and common blogging site to a most preferred and preeminent open source web development platform for a lot of businesses. Not only that it’s the most widely used content management system and according to the statistics present on Yoast, accounts for 20-25% of all newly created websites.

From topnotch publications such as The New York Times and CNN, music icons such as Jay-Z and Katy Perry, to Fortune 500 companies such as UPS and eBay, WordPress designing and development has been used.

Hence if you are thinking of building a new site do not hesitate to take advantage of this platform.

Advantages of building Business Webites Using WordPress

Below are the top 10 advantages of using a WordPress website design.

1. Cost Effectiveness

There were days when creating a website would cost one an arm and a leg but thanks to WordPress those days are gone. WordPress designing and development is extremely cost-effective. Moreover, expenses for running the site as well as its maintenance expenses are relatively cheap too as one can maintain and update the site themselves cutting developer cost.   

2. Ease of Updating/ Changing

Having a WordPress theme Website also gives you the ease of making changes to your site no matter where ever you are. All you need is time and access to the internet.

3. Syndication Convenience

Convenience Syndication is a highly efficient way to earn inbound links to your site and WordPress offers this too. You don’t have to worry about your content syndication. Every time a new blog entry is published, it automatically goes to an RSS feed, making it easier for others to syndicate the content across directories and other related websites.

4. Search Engine Optimization Ready

What could be better than a site that’s SEO friendly? Good news! WordPress is SEO friendly and you do have control over any page you want to rank high in a search engine (i.e. you can focus your SEO campaigns on high converting pages). Moreover, the site has a simple and constant code making it ideal for Google indexing and SEO components for each page can be customized as well.

5. Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is no longer an option! With mobile traffic surpassing normal desktop traffic after 2014, responsive web design has become a must. Having a site developed using WordPress you automatically get the benefit of responsive web technology. Thus there is no need to develop separate websites for different devices.

6. Easy Functions Upgrading

Upgrading a traditional website’s features and functions can be a cumbersome task,
especially those that are created using sophisticated platforms. But when it comes to WordPress based website nothing is hard. The platform provides you with plugins to do that, with ease to install using only three steps typically.

Further, WordPress community being highly active documents all best practice so there are high chances that other WP users out there have documented what to do about a new feature you are trying to add to your site making it easier for you to add.

7. Aggressive Content Marketing

WordPress is ideal for aggressive content marketing. In this digital era of online marketing where fresh content is important, a WordPress theme website has an advantage over the traditional ones. Website content can be updated as and when needed without any issues and complications. All you need is a quality content this helping in your organization build credibility in your niche

You can also update the site’s design in a breeze making it an ideal platform for campaigns (i.e. Holiday promotions, Coming up events, etc.).

8. Ultimate Social Media Integration

Another benefit of opting a website developed using a WordPress theme is its seamless integration with all social media networks. This means you don’t have to worry about logging in to your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ accounts to inform the social networking community about the content update. They will automatically be notified.

9. Increased Security

The primary criticism that WordPress designing and development faced as it was introduces was its poor security, a myth that got debunked. As long as you have a designer and developer with good knowledge about WordPress development they can help you fortify the site’s security and make it hacking-proof.    

The same however cannot be said about traditional websites anymore.

10. Easy Designer Transition

Website creation usually calls for several designers or firms and each designer or firm has its own preferred platform to work. This makes the designer transition, a difficult process overall. However, WordPress designing and development operates on a universal open source platform, making the transition from one designer to another designer easier.