Is WordPress Maintenance Important?

Maintenance is one thing that isn’t really visible or obvious to WordPress site owners. Thus it is difficult for website owners to understand its value. In the following post, we’re going to examine what WordPress maintenance is and why it’s important.

Importance of WordPress Maintenance?

To understand let’s start with the non-tech analogy. As a car owner, will you likely drive your car for a year without changing its oil, checking engine fluids, or not noticing the condition of the tires or ignoring any serious conditions? No, you are likely to maintain your car to keep it running and get the problems fixed as soon as you can. You would you invest in keeping it running smoothly and reliably. The same concept applies to everything even when it comes to your website. WordPress Maintenance is Important!

How WordPress Maintenance Affects Your Site

WordPress in itself is software and thus needs to be carefully maintained else it will slow down, glitch and get malware becoming a nightmare for you. Having a site with glitches and low speed will not only affect your visitors but also affect search engine rankings as well. Over time, resulting in reducing your company’s leads and sales which you certainly don’t want to happen. Thus having a WordPress maintenance plan is a must to keep things going your way.

What Factors Maintenance Includes

Many WordPress sites are highly vulnerable to hackers because they’re running based on the outdated software. Some are running slow because of inadequate hosting or poor configurations. Some are broken, and don’t have backups. All this will mess you entirely up.

However, the good news is these issues can be fixed and avoided with proper care; resulting in your WordPress site running to perfection giving you the desirable results. Taking into account an effective WordPress maintenance plan you can do wonders.

Maintenance Factors

Following factors should be considered when maintaining a WordPress site:

  • WordPress Updates
  • Backups
  • Security Monitoring
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Malware Removal

There are also other tasks that go beyond maintenance to improving your website. Below is the list:

  • Tech Support
  • Small Changes
  • Web Development
  • Speed Optimization
  • E-commerce Support

Curious about these tasks? We’ll take a closer look at them in our next post.

Need Help? Hire WordPress Maintenance Experts Today!

WordPress experts are like mechanics for your website. We’ll help you keep your site running effectively and efficiently, thus improving its overall functionality giving you the best results. Discover which of our WordPress Maintenance Plans will work best for your website and we’ll be glad to work your way out.